Our AC Logo & Design

Our Annual Conference logo, designed by our talented Digital Artist, Loucas Gregoriou, depicts the ancient theatre at Curium, an ancient city-kingdom dating back to the Neolithic period (5500-3900 B.C.), and stands as one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Cyprus.  The theatre seats up to 3,500 spectators and is still in use today for cultural and theatrical performances.  As Curium theatre is symbolic for gathering of people, our AC organizing team adopted this logo as the official annual conference logo as a fundamental pillar to exhibit our warm Cyprus hospitality, tradition and history.

Our cityscape depicts Limassol’s unique architecture as our city has evolved throughout the years from an ancient town into a rapidly developing cosmopolitan city. From our two infamous Medieval castles of Kolossi and the Limassol (where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her Queen of England in 1191), to the old and new Ports of Limassol and the Limassol Water Tower which serves as an integral part of the city’s history and identity as Limassol progresses into a modern day city.