Social Programme

Welcome drinks (29 May 2022 at 19:00)

LAB Restaurant/bar is located in the heart of Limassol downtown, Anexartisias 33 str. A beautiful place with a stunning open garden inside is welcoming you to Cyprus.











Social dinner (30 May 2022 at 19:30)

Kipriakon is located in the heart of Old-Port, Limassol. It was created through the desire  of the owner to honour the tradition of Cyprus cuisine, drawing flavours from the past and reintroducing them into today.





















GALA dinner (1 June 2022 at 20:00)

Columbia Plaza is located in the heart of Limassol downtown, at Agios Andreas str. The venue is a part of the Columbia Venue Center with a 400 square meter event space and great experience in hosting social events.















Social tour (1 June 2022)

Tour from Limassol

Full Day Excursion


  • Kourion Theatre
  • Kourion Basilica and Baptistry
  • Kourion Residence of Eustolios
  • Anagyris Park, Essential oil production/uses
  • Omodhos Village


A beautiful boulevard of Cypress trees and citrus plantations will guide them to the former city kingdom of Kourion founded in 12th century BC. Here we will visit the Greco-Roman theatre with its breathtaking coastal view and the early Christian mosaics in the House of Eustolios and the Kourion Basilica.








Lunch will take place at Anagyris Park, where Cyprus aromatic plans are processed to essential oils and herbal cosmetics.



Our last visit will be the Omodhos Village, a traditional wine producing village of Cyprus, at approx. 700m high. St. Helen founded a monastery here in 4th century, where she left pieces of the Holy Cross. As you walk through narrow streets of this picturesque village, you will visit this former monastery and old wine press, now a historical monument.









Accompanied Person program (31 May 2022)

Tour from Limassol to Nicosia & Lefkara Village

  • Handicraft Centre
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Laiki Gitonia & Green Line
  • Free time
  • Lefkara Village

A visit to any capital is a must, but Nicosia is unique in that it is the only remaining divided capital in the world today.

The contrast of the old and new is most evident in Nicosia, with its modern architecture and old city within the Venetian ramparts of the 16th century. Nicosia is a city boasting many important historical monuments and interesting museums.

The first stop will be the Handicraft Centre. The centre aims to promote and enrich the traditional folk art and craft skills.  It has various workshops and a showroom/shop where the guests may be able to view and purchase handmade items.

The guests will then visit Nicosia’s Archaeological Museum; here there are artefacts go back to 7000 BC. The Archaeological Museum of Lefkosia consists of fourteen rooms surrounding a square central area and it is comprised with offices, a library, storerooms and areas for preserving and studying items of the collection. The objects in the rooms follow a chronological and a thematical succession.

Next stop ‘Laiki Gitonia’, the restored commercial quarter of the old city. Here they will be able to have a stroll and visit the picturesque shops which sell traditional items.  They will also have the possibility to visit the “Green Line”, the area which presents the last divided capital of the world.









On the way back there will be a stop to visit the village of Lefkara; a village situated at an altitude of 700m. The village is divided into Upper and Lower Lefkara and it is above all renowned for its exquisite and unique embroideries known as “Lefkaritika”.

The tradition takes its roots from the medieval period and is very much alive today; women of the village can still be seen sat on their doorsteps or in the shade of their balcony proudly embroidering these famous embroideries, just as their ancestors did. The village is also known for its fine silverware and typical stone architecture. It is an ideal location to see local handicrafts on site, stroll around the village and go souvenir shopping!