Participants coming both from academic and industry sectors such as universities, agencies and organisations attended the MedRIN kick-off meeting representing Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and Italy. Several presentations were given by the participants and fruitful discussions were followed in order to set the strategy of the MedRIN initiative.

MedRIN Regional Map



More specifically, the following participants attended the MedRIN kick-off meeting:

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1st DAY of the kick-off meeting (July 13th, Friday)

Welcome and information about NASA LCLUC Program (GOFC-GOLD), START, and regional networks’ activities

Cyprus representation

Greece representation

Israel representation

Turkey representation

Italy representation


2nd DAY of the kick-off meeting (July 14th, Saturday)

A presentation related to the Open source solutions for EO activities by CSSI was given by Brice Mora (CS); Observer and Former of the GOFC – GOLD representative from France.  Afterwards, the MedRIN research needs and collaborations as well as the path forward for the MedRIN were discussed and set, including the future plans and the next steps have to be undertaken.